Thursday, 1 September 2011

Zoya Charisma + China Glaze White Cap (and mountains!)

Did you see this combination coming a mile away?  I just had to see what Charisma and White Cap are like together.  Yup, I'm kinda obsessed.

It looks great in the pictures, but honestly, I wasn't blown away.  I felt it wasn't super flattering against my skin tone.  The gold glitter was pretty but I felt like the milky-ness of White Cap didn't look nice over top Charisma.  Meh, or maybe I just wasn't feeling it that day.  I don't know.  I ended up taking it off and trading it for Midtown Magic.

In non-nail polish news, today was especially clear and crisp so I decided to take a walk.  Ten minutes later, I snapped this spectacular view of the Rocky Mountains!

Click to Embiggen

I just love love love my city so much!  I can't imagine ever getting tired of seeing the Rockies.  To my husband and his friends (lifetime residents of Calgary) it's just kinda old hat.  To me... well you'd think I had just seen each mountain individually flown in via helicopter and strategically placed right in front of me.  It's just magical!    I've had to fortune to live in three vastly different locations in the last 2 years. They all have their own beauty and have a special place in my heart that won't be replaced.  Yet it sure is hard to compete with snow capped mountains outside your door!


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