Sunday, 21 August 2011

China Glaze Metro Urban-Night and CG in the City

China Glaze's Urban-Night is a creamy eggplant color.  While the color is nice, it's not particularly special and I didn't feel like the application was very easy.  I had to really work with the polish to not end up with patchy bits.  It turned out fine as you can see with the picture but it was a pain.

The color dries about a shade darker than it look in the bottle.  It still reads dark purple most of the time but in low light it definitely looks black.  Personally, purple is one of my favorite colors but with this I feel like it's just boring.  Maybe it's after wearing all those glitters the cream finish just seems flat.  Nothing to seek out on its own, I'm sure there are plenty of others that are similar and probably with better application.

However, I can see WHY they added Urban-Night to the collection. It looks super pretty with CG in the City!

Folks, it's like its enchanted with fairy dust!  China Glaze CG in the City is a clear based dusty purple/little bit of taupey gold.  It's very pretty layered but doesn't really work by itself.  I'm excited to try it on over Essie's Merino Cool which is a taupe with a  purple tinge to it!  In fact, I'm sure this glitter would look great over a lot of things!  If you're someone that can get bored with a manicure quickly it's nice to have a pretty glitter to coat over it and make you appreciate it for a few more days! :)

So that's my review of the mini pack of China Glaze Metro Fall 2011 collection!  Overall it's a really great collection and I love the minis because honestly- unless you LOVE a color you're not going to finish a whole big bottle of polish so it's great to be able to try out a bunch of colors with less mL's.  Midtown Magic was my surprise favorite, Skyscraper and CG in the City was love at first sight.  Urban-Night was the only 'meh' color but goes great under CG in the City.

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