Thursday, 25 August 2011

Essie Lollipop

Essie Lollipop is a bright red creme that has a vintage-y vibe to it.  It's glossy and beautiful!  While it was part of a Christmas collection I think it's perfect for any time. Classic and beautiful.  The application was nice, I needed two coats for a full opaque finish.

I love the name "Lollipop" too, it's cute and fitting for the color. It also make me think of this-

Essie Lollipop also makes for one of my favorite pedicure polishes. It reminds me of 1950's pinup girls.  It's so fun to wear!  However while Lollipop finds its way to my toes, it hasn't been there for most of the summer. What has? You'll have to wait for my all time favorite pedicure color next post. :)

Until Then,

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